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Hello everyone :) Here is the last April feature:


redhood jason todd by phantasmalblue.:Deceiving Eyes:. by arhiee10 by MskelALuna by illseraphContest Entry: The Magic of Writing by fizzypopcakeGod of Mischief by FlorideCutskeep it together by slowmonstersThe Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by TalexiorOh Her by BluemistiAriadne by PatrisskaCoffee Break by Koizu-kunSTYLISED photo study by fjingishWood Witch by chirunhope by screamo-jamPolar Mermaid by Fiorina-ArtworksMermaid Pavla ~ Dark Energy I by sirenabonitaCats by anitoriA Glimpse of The End by shizen1102FateGO: Saber Alter by raikoartThe Blue Knight by EyardtDaedric by MavroshFish Lady by arthurtribuzi

Strong works

Perhaps fate brings us together  by Delawer-OmarDonkey Skin by krewiDepression by KIMSHMP0st1mpr35510n1sm61rl by Natura-BVAMask by Ossifray

Animals and beasts

The goddess of grace by AnnaZLoveR: His Majesty by Hohda.:Magic:. by RainEterniRobot Kitten by RusakkokoThe Shark of Darkness by GABRIELDIASARTSStellar Collision by Sysirautatigercloud flying through space with stardust by Bluarikazuar by neonhornsTolu the Tapejara by LemmingBotTunaMeltsMyHeart by MissKuneyCheetah by rkamalartGriffith by Behlair

Beautiful environment
Return home by Go2fragEternity by lavam00Lion's City by DedyonePink Coast by LaurensSpruitV E S P E R by 3hilWay to North by ican1024I Met You In April by allwewanttobeWater mill at sunrise (LowPoly) by pat2494Laputa by Gokupo101Purple Clouds by DiabolicalChainsawsCelebrimbor's Death by peetNo one really know me... but you. by BacBoomAmonkhet Mountain Fan Art by AnthonyAvonCard Game Illustration: Pile of Gold by ValentiniaKDragons coming to America by RadoJavorThe wolf and the girl by thegirlcansmile

Anime style pictures

Kouhide by Ayuyah[Cyber Phantom] : Two couldn't Settled it by DarkaveyTurqoise by Ikanu96Pink soft hope by Watchiiyo[+Speedpaint] C: Honey by MiercyHime Kamina by SakuraNoSama011 by HexedCatBaaa sheep by SinfloraX[g] ghostie #027 extra! by rinihimmeDP by Dangasoadoptable No.14 [ Ransom victim ] by gao-lukchup[Fanart] Sagiri by Mania8522191[OC]Sophie by SweetyKeiCommission: Eizenvaltz and Alethea by Innervalue



Songkran Day by OshimaruKung7285Raven by MaresaSinclairTawny owl by KlaraDrielleDouble Care by seek-and-hideHello spring by DevilishEvelynthe queen of spring by IngeloreOver the Gold and Hills by John-PeterTupsut by JuhaniViitanenBehind the Curtain by AnaPisekAnother World VI by Tb--PhotographyFungi - Amanita Citrina by VisualStripes

SOme stuff that I really like but dont know how to describe it :D

Persephone - Gods of Olympus by LorenzoLivrieriMama Easter Joy by RustyCroutonsslow thinking by vexzivCat For The One And Only (AT) by braindead-degenerate

Hope it will inspire you as it inspired me :)
Hey hey! This is April feature of Aweosme and Ispiring stufff :)


Commission: Elves by R-AtersCharles and his little flying-squirrel friend by UniltHollow Choice by Cadhla-LaureenChuvash in tuhe by PodzadpinatorNoctis and Luna. Final Fantasy fanart. by Taiss14War Of Mar by LuXameGoodbye Integrity by RowyeInner space by umantsivaGothicGirl by VezoniaArtzMs. Sammy - Artwork 06 - Mononokehime by Robusta-ManiaC: Nadia Rizzo by RaviettaTears by GlamraJessica rabbit by Loputon:: Tifa Lockhart :: by SangrdeA Quiet Moment [Commission] by moraynDust and Blood back cover by CleverBoiHousewife - Original Acrylic Painting by IddyIlly'Greetings Mortal' by MavroshROGZIEL - Angel of Punishment by LaercioMessiasExtra Curricular Activity by Sally-JacksonCrescendo - Kiriban by ANeDeXayah And Rakan - League of Legends by JamesExcaliburZane - Highpoly by Eden-WestGame Time by VarshaVijayanAutumn reverie by NoxmoonyDark Angel by shizen1102


Dance by AledaneFConcept Design by eyreartCrazy dude by SunnyJuDon`t steal my sun by noaxaonMy wings by LieJackerWonderbox by cianarteWarriors of the Forest by EuqinimodArtSee no evil by DartGarryOthers by Skirill

Some environment that really have mood! :D

Evening duty by SunnyJuSanctuary by AeollonGuardian - Zelda Breath of the wild (2) by HAmatsuGargoyles of Notre-Dame - Iron Blade - Gameloft by EyardtSilent Endurance, Blind Solace by cyberaeonRoadtrippin #38 Yakushima by Chris-KarbachMarine secrets by TamikaProudAvalon Coast by LightDropSun Setting Over Sea by emilyjhornerLost Soul by shahafyakovsky - watercolor practice 1 by Katarzyna-Kmiecikuntether by beckhansonHZD - Watcher by KelshrayRhoenoak: Dragon Graveyard by RanarhForsyth Park ii by LiquidSteel-1302The Princess's Journey by WhendellFae's Bottle by Amanda-KulpCommission: Meinos Kaen#2 by mobiusu14

Cute anime stuff

Nozomi Tojo by aorteauAT:  konaahi by Days-EFarewell. by Sasouraarrival by xjunchan[AT] Gifts by SkieFishREOL Sigma by funky-tofuGift Art: Black Neko by funky-tofuTomoyo by chippouCommission for @Abrilgsr13 on Twitter ( HeadShot ) by MayuiChan17

Spring Raffle WINNER

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 10, 2017, 3:26 PM
Hey hey!
Seems our raffle had come to an end and here is the result
Raffle Result by pin100

Number 41 is wining one and miss :iconanniecoleptic: has won a drawing :)

Spring Raffle 2017 (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 2, 2017, 7:50 PM
Hello ladies and gentlemen :D this April I want to hold a raffle.
The winner will be defined by random number generator. 

It will last from April 2 till April 10

You need to put a comment to get a number.
You need to be my watcher to participate

Also I'll give and additional number for spreading a word
and making journal about this raffle

Winner will recive a picture from me. You can request anything (but I'm not good at drawing tech stuff)

Oh and everyone will recive a llama. I love giving llamas

Hey today I'm posting the last of stuff that really impressed me in March

Beautiful portraits and character art

Stone Halos: Fire by Earl-GraeyPrince-cardinal lasombra Foulques de Beaulieu by moonxelsI AM Secrets by AmourinetteMarishiten close-up by Sgt-lonelyThe Assassination of the Minotaur by sinakasraCasual Heroes - Link and Zelda by Leo-25NIER - 2B by Gokupo101Arteria brachialis by siudajSTEJArt Trade - ACE by ZenopicNier Automata, 2B by ArtofWeiHanPower of Light by AlyamziNPrincess Zelda   :NSFW optional: by OlchaSBreath of blue by KelheorSU fangem Blue stalactite by antropixSmoke by RhemyRed  Gold by CoDLiaLovers by luienMountain peaks by TamikaProudFantasy girl by gv-artStargazing by aianeartMercy - wallpaper version by SeioraiCinda The Traveller by SUNSHINE1617No mercy. sctch by Vulpes-Ibculta

Environmental art

Keeper of the Key by Sentient-PhytonYou Fade Away by HarpiyaShattered World by ShahabAlizadehReverse World by DragginCatSomewhere only we know by maskman626March illustartion by waqasmallickLandscape practice by MalthusWolfLake of the fallen star by LuckyTravellerThe Bridge by AugustinasRaginskisSkylines by t1naFaraway land by AraxelEvening by AstaQteCrane at dawn by ApollinArtWaterfall by TamikaProudColony 7 by ArthurBlue
I Wanted To Be There by TacoSauceNinjaMeanwhile, In The Future by ChaosTheory83wonderland by maryanne42Autumn's coming by KlenaLomHogsmeade (Harry Potter Fan art ^_^ ) by NierisCerkiew w Komanczy by GreeGWThe Messenger by CalebAHammTornado2 by LusiusMalfoy

Wonderful animals and creatures

Paraffin 2.0 - speedpaint by odabloodMantis King by XeroHaggardDeath Silence by ZafreanThree-eyes magic bear by DrahinyWhisper of Spirits by EhtionaBluscar by ailaghastHungarian Vizsla 2 by Kot-FilemonObbey Maude by TheOnly1ZaloPie Sse E3 by barsha-polGlitchpie by ElJuderinoCreature by ANeDeSpread My Wings by Valentina-RemenarThe Lion King - Remember Who You Are by JoseDalisayVUntitled by LeraStyajkina

Cool ideas

3D steampunk magic thingy Closeup by dchanFlower by Ryouhiko-Ankuu Stuck by SiminaArt

Cute anime pictures

Friend by amy30535Snowbells by RosuuriMitsuki-Boruto by AkizariCommisson - Ayama Rose (3) by Ratu-GalauContest - Flower by de-yuliTR#6 by dep-to-ongLibra by xjunchanSaga of Tanya the Evil by MayuiChan17Brynhildr the Valkyrie by Hanh-Chu
Hello guys there is another feature of wonderful pictures

Beautiful portraits

Borghild by Neko-the-Gunslinger[TG] Birthday Boy by MuruniThat Demon Loveblind by CuddensThe Queen of the Damned. by JadeGreenbrookeThe Wish by Brandon-EllisShattered by Ni4kiSpace Weaver by hypherrrBewitching you - Com by Piannen|COM| Garden gem - Selu by Asano-neeRose by coreyart7Lux - Light Element by ChubyMiEmily Blunt by PVprojectYou killed my dragons! by DalfaArtInfinite Light - Katsumi 'Nin' Nakajima by nin-mario64Mireya And Her Lost Amulet by brietolga
Rain in March by peachliiCOMM: Our Secret by AkubakaArtsBreakfast by KOshooterDemon Reaper Nifernum by lancercrossForest~ by NattorinMerfolk by Trick17

Cute anime pictures
:G: Innita by supremecatlordCommission For mahouxprince by Reis-ARTroomSelkcerf by KIY0Umitsuha by jayuuGame Over by ardenlolo09Celestia Ludenberg by ardenlolo09CUSTOM for Miiruuki by milloliStatus . by PotatoKokoSmile Remake! by bonnieefireKou - Sketch Trade by bloominglove

Amazing landscapes
spring forest by DoomVolyaWintermarket by svenartMoody Seascape by emilyjhornerCreeping Fog by NigredaDark forest by HolyHaureliaHaunted Hollow by AlMaNeGrAThe cave by BeastysakuraThe Creators by pelleronFlares by DGrayfox[CE] RE:Generation by Frappe7Rock Island by PavelElaginTree of Life by OoZepheroO3 by Reinmar84the Servant by Nerva1

Animal and creature art

Tiger by M-Y-S-T-l-C.:Serene eyes:. by CopiaTheWolfHarmony of Bone and Water 03 color by rachaelm5Fawntastic by wolf-minoriblue sign by GaudiBuendiaBunny#13 by PanRafikSunny Cats by SunnyMooseStudioDAILY PAINT : Curious little Seal #95 by Dan-zodiacKoi and Lily by TooMuchColorSiberia by light-askhaArcanine by Kay-RaZilant by arvalisNight Hunter (closed) by FurriramaIncineration [3D] by Naiterion[CONCEPT OC] Requiem by Briiro

Interesting ideas
The Many-eyed by ThornSpineAlchemy Familiar by JoelChaimHoltzmanWhat is love? by ThornSpineScary Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by DylanPierpontGenesis by xetobyteThe monster from the abyss by CaptaineJu[Comission] FlareViper by E-nosstLabyrinth the cleaners sculpture by yotaro-sculptsinnervortex by dusphiteGoldfish by HirissonGolden fish, Silver moon by KatoisPodling by ChristineDim

Divine photography
Winter Pattern by dashakernIn the warm northern winter by sulevlangePretty Colours by mcgraczuSnail by fruitpunch1A cake has layers, evening does too by MirachRavaia

And this super cool watermelon. It impressed me for some reason :)
Walter the watermelon by Food-and-art
Hello guys. I wanted to make a feature of wonderful stuff I've seen here on DA. 

Some really cute pictures
Entry ~ Foxytales Contest by puh-glyDarling by kaikakubloodstone cavern by Next--LVLSweet day by devil-devilishes                                    Igor wishes You a very Merry Christmas!!!!!! by mosomacilanyMia and Sapphire by Yubuki His Name Is Fatty by skachkov The Lemon Maid by Bokkimi
Beautiful portraits
Nocturne by studioofmmAine Nox by LeksaArtEmma Carstairs. The Shadowhunter by Caroline1233Experimental paints pt6 by NoizoraAlbino V by TvirinumBar Negotiation by Rines-ShaVivienne de Tabris by NastyaKulakovskayaLookin For A Muse by antoniodelucaKnight by NotisKateGleaming Gold by LynaissLuna by dimary                      Color Experiments by KrisaheBootlegger by Sicarius8Serene Rain by gordo258Night Sky by g-ivanov
Interesting ideas
Specimen n93 by IrbistyThe Lost Star by Cold-Tommy-GinGAIA: winterqueen by avodkabottleGuiding Lights by LonDiamondotherside by cullegiHamburger Monster by moviedragon009v2Goldfish by Food-and-artHermaeus Mora by DomerkThe Hope Raiser by VifdorUp in the sky by Lady-ObsidiAnneDream by XxADRxXUniversecatcher by Ren-ail                                                                                           Me and my pet by Tira-Owl
A Special Place by baldeagleartNinguid Col's Temple Ruin by CaligariMarteHouse by NarminNALament hills by Madink2000Elysium by Jovan-PortoCaete Forest - Hylaea Card Game by NeridaNixieForest Oasis by JustineZxyWinter in Stockholm by NeoNativeFire Cave by ChrisNazgulSnow mountains by Silinde-Ar-FeinielWORMHOLE by ERA-7By the river by Hetman80Desolation of a Fallen Society by HachiimonSecret place by MarosHarrerGoodbye my friend by GANJAKYUNRhododendron mountainscape by veracauwenberghs
Awesome fairytale magic
.: Stars :. by ancarie-bluewolfAkhiryonh - ART WAR Challenge submission by Nassima-AmirElements of nature by AsiwteThe Three Wishes by amorphisssFairy Queen - Cover Art by SkyzocatMaori Mermaid by PortraitOfInnerSelfLua in the Drowned Forest by Kyatia
 Please dont kick my ass if I made something woring - I'm making feature for the first time X,D
Hello everyone :) I'm in the mood to draw some linearts now so I decided to open this commissions.
I will draw humanoid characters only in any pose you want for 100 DA points :D

Mitsuki for RedVampyr by pin100 Bonnibel by pin100

1 - :iconsolchan: - finished  Teithi by pin100
2 - :iconburgerforlunsh: - finished  Shayla Kearney by pin100
3 - :iconspaztastyck: - finished  Xeria by pin100

Join me on Facebook

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 22, 2016, 5:40 PM
Hello everyone! :D Just wanted to say that I'm giong to post a lot of WIPs and sketches on my Facebook page so you are welcome to join if you are interested :)

Character Information Meme

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2016, 6:32 AM

Hello! :D

I was tagged by :iconredvampyr: :iconannytwinkle: and :icondaemonideus: to tell about my character Letian.

So here are 8 facts about Letian

Letian - elven prince by pin100 Letian - character design by pin100

1. Letian's mind became twisted because of his friendship with an insane prophet in his childhood.

2. Letian's family consists of a father and two sisters.

3. His problems with family began when he killed one of his friends. His father - the elven king - thrown him in prison.

4. After sipending some time in prison his mind was completely lost.
One night he just disappeared from his cell.

5. He returned to his kingdom after a hundred years - he just appeared from air and made a bloodbath in the palace.

6. Letian's new powers allowed him to twist creatures and shape reality using his mind and imagination.

7. He killed his father and one of the sisters and took the throne. In a couple of years he made the most dark and cruel kingdom in his world.

8. His sister Moriel was lucky to run away. She started to study necromancy to kill Letian and return a kingdom.

Spring Raffle WINNER

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 9, 2016, 10:53 PM
Aaand the winner of Spring Raffle is :iconsairendipity: number 73 who can request a picture from me now :D

                                          Random Raffle by pin100

Free Request Spring Raffle (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 29, 2016, 6:56 AM
Hello! :D Spring has come and I decided to hold a new raffle.

The prize will be free picture of anything you want from me.

This raffle will start today and end in 10 of April.

To participate you need:
-to watch me.
-to make a comment on this journal to get a number.
-you can wright a journal about this raffle to get additional number

The winner will be choosed by random number generator. 

After that winner should send me a note with request.
-I can draw anything but not more then 2 figures (characters, creatures) on one picture. -I will draw erotic pictures but no hard porn please.
-I'm no good in drawing technical stuff like cars and giaint robots

Free Request Spring Raffle

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 29, 2016, 6:56 AM
Hello! :D Spring has come and I decided to hold a new raffle.

The prize will be free picture of anything you want from me.

This raffle will start today and end in 10 of April.

To participate you need:
-to watch me.
-to make a comment on this journal to get a number.
-you can wright a journal about this raffle to get additional number

The winner will be choosed by random number generator. 

After that winner should send me a note with request.
-I can draw anything but not more then 2 figures (characters, creatures) on one picture. -I will draw erotic pictures but no hard porn please.
-I'm no good in drawing technical stuff like cars and giaint robots

Free request raffle WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 6, 2016, 4:23 PM

Aaaand today is 7th of January and I'm happy to announce winners :D 

The winner is №15 :D :iconzxkbyxz: who can noe request whatever she wants from me :)
111 by pin100

I also  decided to make two minor prizez also choosed randomly :) This people can request halfbody with background if they want :)

So here is the second lady :iconvioletlightning:
555598 by pin100
And :iconakaiageha: 
61 by pin100 
Happy Holidays to everyone :D

Free request raffle

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 23, 2015, 4:30 AM

Hello everyone! I finally decided to do a small raffle. The prize will be free picture of anything you want from me.

This raffle will end in 7 of January.

To participate ypu need:
-to watch me.
-to make a comment on this journal to get a number.

The winner will be choosed by random number generator.

After that winner should send me a note with request.
I can draw anything but not more then 2 figures (characters, creatures) on one picture. I will draw erotic pictures but no hard porn please.

My List of Wishes for Secret Santa

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2015, 4:17 PM

I want to recive picture of my OC Finda. Any type of picture will be fine :)
Finda 1 by pin100
I can draw digital colored fullbody of halfbody.

Autumn commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 20, 2015, 7:34 AM

Hello everyone! I finaly start autumn commissions:

If you want illustration or photoshot commission please send me a note.

Commission process list:

For :iconcelem: - done
Commission- Mage and Koala by pin100
For :iconsirenabonita: - coloring
For :iconhipolitouribarrigoye: - done
For :iconbodycom: - done
FOr :iconnomads-of-korsun: - done
Full moon by pin100
For :iconnocitae: - done
Noctilus by pin100
For :iconsabrina-stillings: - coloring

July Commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2015, 8:38 PM

Hello everyone! I'm very sorry but my HDD is broken now so I'll have to remake some of your pictures from sketches :( 
Commission process list:
for :iconlcmetalart: - done
Commission - Zero by pin100
for :iconarcanum108: - coloring
for :iconhipolitouribarrigoye: - photographing
for :iconkurtreonis: -done
Commission - Mylea (Censored) by pin100
for :iconfrazzy626: - mereman sketching
for :iconnomads-of-korsun: - done
Commission- Griggs by pin100
for :iconshonnad: - sketching

Hello guys! I have an important question to you:
What do you think will be fair price for my commissions?